Deni 5600 is really cool

Deni is a leading manufacturer of high quality of small kitchen appliances. They have one model of yogurt machine 5600 and is one of the cheapest machine.


Makes up to 1 quart homemade natural yogurt

Fool proof yogurt is easy with this easy to use, efficient machine

Produces creamy, all-natural yogurt in 6-12 hours (depending on tartness)

To use, simply prepare ingredients, pour into glass jars and set time

Make up to six different flavors at a time

Individual jars allow for a variety of flavors

Control the sweetness, fat content, and thickness of your favorite yogurt

See-thru lid to watch the process

Timer with automatic shut-off

Includes six 6 oz. glass jars and plastic lids for storage

Glass jars are dishwasher safe


The buzzer has a very piercing sound.

The shape of the machine is such that using other jars will be difficult. The ridges in jars are difficult to clean.

The lids also sometimes have issues and may not close properly or may not be air tight.

At the price it is the best yogurt maker. It gives consistent yogurt and the machine works quiet well and also the volume of 1 quart is excellent.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to put the lids on jar while making yogurt?

No, the lids are to be used when you remove the yogurt from the unit and place it in the refrigerator.

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Brand: Deni
Model: 5600
4.2 based on 60 reviews
$26.97 New

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