List of top yogurt starters

The best yogurt starter can be a small amount kept aside from the previous batch you have made.

The starter can define the taste, texture and consistency of the homemade yogurt. It affects the tang based on the bacteria that it contains. You should always use one culture and not mix them.

You can buy starters in the market as well which you give you more options e.g. non dairy or skimmed milk.

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Euro-Cuisine YM100 is awesome

Euro Cuisine has a comprehensive range of small kitchen appliances. It also the most popular yogurt makers and has the most number of models. The YM100 is the most popular amongst them.YM100 is the middle model of Euro Cuisine range which has slightly more features than the YM80 but lesser features than YMX650 which is a higher end model.


Capacity is 42 ounces

7 (Seven) 6oz Glass, these have screw top lids.

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