Mocha Yogurt, Caffeine With A Probiotic Twist

Yogurt is packed with calcium, protein and good bacteria called probiotics. The calcium present in this dairy product helps build stronger bones and it can lower osteoporosis risks, the proteins in turn promote healthy cell and muscle growth while the probiotics help clear away your chances of acquiring colon cancer and promotes good digestion overall.

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Commercial made mocha yogurt by Yoplait

However, commercial yogurt or the kind that you see sold in your neighborhood grocery or the nearest supermarket is oftentimes packed with more preservatives, artificial additives and sugars than you can handle. You can make your own at home with clear glass jars, but for convenience, a yogurt maker will help you immensely.

Yogurt is first and foremost is a cultured dairy product and you can mix it with sweeteners like honey and agave or flavorings like pureed fruits of your choice, fresh fruit chunks or chocolate syrup. If you want to make home made DIY yogurt, you will have total control over your ingredients thus you can adjust the sweetness or tartness down to your taste.

Mocha Yogurt

Mocha Yogurt recipe (pinterest)

And it is going to be unprocessed, to boot. Here is a recipe for mocha yogurt that you can try out. Nothing fancy, just full of health and flavor.


  • A stainless steel pot
  • A kitchen thermometer
  • A small bowl
  • A fork
  • A clean glass container
  • A yogurt maker


  • 4 cups of whole milk
  • 1/3 cup of powdered milk
  • 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt (with live cultures)
  • 3 tablespoons of coffee granules (instant)
  • 1/3 cup of honey
  • 1/3 cup of cocoa powder (unsweetened)


  1. Scald the milk in the steel pot and bring the temperature up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir in the coffee granules. Sprinkle the powdered milk on top of the mixture and let it melt before blending it to the mix, making sure to lower the heat so as to prevent boiling.
  2. Combine the unsweetened cocoa powder and honey in a bowl, crushing lumps with a fork until smoothly blended into a paste. Add the chocolate and honey mixture to the warm milk and mix it well.
  3. Once everything is blended, remove the mixture from the heat.
  4. Cool the milk down around 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Add the plain yogurt to the hot milk and stir until blended.
  6. Pour the mixture into the prepared glass container. Cover.
  7. Place the container into the yogurt maker then adjust the temperature and time as provided in the instructions.
  8. Leave the mixture undisturbed until set.
  9. Once it is set, refrigerate the mocha yogurt immediately until ready for serving.

Handy Tips:

  • Letting the powdered milk melt into the milk and coffee mixture before stirring will help avoid clumps from forming.
  • Keep the yogurt maker away from places with constant activity because this will affect the yogurt during the fermentation process. Avoid shaking or moving the yogurt maker once it’s been set.
  • If you want a tangier taste, you can let the mixture set for 24 hours.

Coffee lovers can take their addiction to a new level with mocha flavoured yogurt. No need to go anywhere but the kitchen to get your fix.

Homemade Yogurt

It’s easy enough to head to a store and buy yogurt. After all, there’s a wide selection of yogurt in the dairy isle that’s difficult to ignore. But, you can actually make your own yogurt right at home. Even though it sounds difficult, it’s actually pretty easy—let’s take a look at it.

Making Yogurt at Home ~ Getting Started

Making yogurt at home is pretty easy. Okay, it requires some preparation, but once you’re done, it’s a sure process. You need equipment, supplies and enough space to keep your cultured yogurt steady in the fridge.

Getting started merely involves getting together your supplies and equipment. You actually don’t need complicated equipment, either.

Euro Cuisine Automatic YMX650Should you use a yogurt maker?

While many people readily make yogurt using pots, bowls and other supplies, others invest in what’s known as a yogurt maker.

Yogurt makers are small appliances that are designed to make yogurt. They’re especially noted for controlling the temperature needed to ensure the milk-yogurt culture mixture cultures properly and changes into thick yogurt.

You don’t exactly need a yogurt machine to make yogurt, but most people might find it easier to use one. That especially goes for people who plan on making fresh yogurt on a daily basis.

Most yogurt makers have a timer so you can schedule the start and have fresh yogurt every morning for breakfast!

Here, we’re going to look at a yogurt recipe that doesn’t necessarily use a yogurt machine. However, it can easily be adapted to fit one.

Making Homemade Yogurt ~ The Ingredients

Yogurt takes a few hours – about five – to incubate before it’s ready to eat. That’s why many people make this recipe before letting the mixture incubate overnight. Of course, before we get deeper into the process, let’s look at we need to make yogurt.

1 Quart Of Milk – Whole Milk

Whole milk is considered better to use for a thicker ‘standard’ yogurt, especially if you prefer a thicker yogurt. You can also use skim milk or low-fat milk, however they produce a thinner yogurt as a result. Thickeners like powdered dry milk can be used to thicken thinner yogurts. If you want to make dairy free yogurt, you should get coconut or soy milk for instance.

Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter3 Tablespoons Plain Yogurt With Active Cultures Or A Powdered Yogurt Starter

If you can’t find a powdered yogurt starter, it’s easier to get yogurt with an active culture. These yogurts are usually tagged with such information, usually as healthy probiotics yogurt, so they’re not hard to find.

Flavorings – Any Kind

Once the yogurt is done, you’re welcome to add any flavorings that you like. The most popular include fruits (canned, fresh, frozen, cooked, etc), jam, honey, chocolate and caramel for sweeter yogurt. The yogurt can also be used in savory dishes in many ways, such as a marinade or sauce. It’s even a great substitute for fats in baking.

Making Homemade Yogurt ~ The Instructions

To make homemade yogurt without a yogurt machine, you’ll need:

  • Bowls, preferably a large bowl or pot for culturing the yogurt and several small ones to store the yogurt after culturing.
  • Small containers or jars, for storing the yogurt after culturing if bowls aren’t an option.
  • Candy thermometer, for keeping track of the temperature.
  • Saucepan, preferably one with a heavy bottom for scaling the milk.
  • Towel, for wrapping around the bowl or pot where the yogurt will incubate while culturing, to keep it warm or at the right temperature.

Before you start, sterilize your equipment by pouring boiling water into each of the containers you plan to use for your yogurt. Wait 5 minutes, pour out the water and let the containers dry.

  1. Start by boiling your milk to 180 degrees. Use the thermometer to take the temperature as the milk heats. Once it reaches the right temperature, remove the pan from heat, keeping the thermometer in the pan.
  1. Wait for the temperature to drop to 115 degrees. As soon as it cools to that temperature, mix in the yogurt or the yogurt starter (tempered with milk) until it’s completely incorporated in the milk. Once that’s done, pour the mixture inside the sterile pot or container where the yogurt will culture.
  1. Cover the pot or container containing the mixture with a lid or plastic wrap. Keep the mixture stored in a warm place for about 10 to 12 hours. To keep the yogurt warm in a cooler place, wrap the towel around the pot or container to keep it warm. If you want a tangier yogurt, keep the yogurt stored for an additional 3 to 5 hours.
  1. Check the yogurt and refrigerate once it’s finished culturing. Let it cool for at least 3 to 4 hours before eating.

Making Homemade Yogurt: Closing Thoughts

As you can see, making homemade yogurt is not that difficult than what most people think. A yogurt maker will take all the effort out of your hands and will make your life a bit easier of course. Although there are some supplies that you do need to go out and get, everything used in this recipe can be purchased right at a department or grocery store.

This is the basic homemade yogurt recipe. If you want to make Greek yogurt, you can follow a few extra steps. It’s easy and also very tasty to eat!


Thanks for reading.

Yogurt and fruit in bowl